Team Members:
  1. J.Shupe - WCS
  2. T. Whippler - WCS
  3. Greg Trithart - Lampman
8 CC 20.2 Indicator i.
Apply and adapt the principles of composition that vary among cultures and traditions to create coherent media products that have effective images, text, graphics, music, and/or sound effects, and present a particular point of view on the topic using a particular medium (e.g., presentation software, video).


questionable website; it looks good but we were unable to display much of what we put into our timeline. Perhaps some more experimenting on the site would be useful, but for now we can't recommend this particular tool.
this timeline works better than ours...

Another timeline tool. Dipity

On Computer:

SMART Notebook


50+ Web 2.0 Ways To Tell a Story
The updated version of the CogDogRoo 50 Web 2.0 ways to tell a story. This site gives several ways to tell stories, including comic book, map, audio and video.